7/24/2023 - Permits Required for Door-to-Door Sales

A license is required to conduct door-to-door sales in Somerville and authorized salespeople are provided with a permit that says "Licensed by the Borough of Somerville."

The Borough does not have any current solicitor licenses on file. If you are approached by a solicitor at your home, please call the Police at 908-725-0331 (non-emergency number).

"Do Not Knock" Registry

  • It is prohibited for any person to conduct any commercial solicitation at any property listed on the Do-Not-Knock Registry.
  • The list will be provided to any solicitor who is issued a license to conduct door-to-door sales.
  • Registration on this list does not prohibit door-to-door solicitation by non-profit, charitable, religious or political organizations. 
  • To add your address to the "Do Not Knock" list, go to

For more information, please review Chapter 124 of the Borough Code.

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