1/21/2022 - New Traffic Signals on South Bridge Street

New traffic signals have been installed at the intersection of South Bridge Street and Robeson Street, leading to the Somerset Station redevelopment and the NJT Rail Station. The signals will be activated on Monday, January 24. 
New lane stripping and traffic safety signs are also being installed. “New Traffic Pattern Ahead” signs will be installed on both approaches to Robeson Street on South Bridge Street and will be removed 6 months after the signal goes into operation.
Friday, January 24 - Wednesday, January 26

  • The signals will be in flashing mode
  • All installed signal heads, including pedestrian “walk” heads and push buttons, will be bagged until placed into full operation

Thursday, January 27

  • Pedestrian heads and buttons will be unbagged
  • Signals will be in full operation
  • Signals will coordinate with the signals at Veterans Memorial Drive and South Bridge Street to ensure a smooth traffic flow

All dates are subject to change.

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