3/15/2011 - West Main Street JSM/Shop Rite Redevelopment Update- March 15, 2011


The Borough, JSM and Saker ShopRites are moving ahead quickly with the development of the West Main Street area.


If you have passed the site you will have noticed a lot of activity, which is planned to increase in the coming weeks.


This message is to advise that a portion of parking lot four, the lot behind the supermarket, will be fenced of commencing Monday March 21st.


This is being done to facilitate the relocation and installation of utilities and the construction of the supermarket loading area.


In the short term this will mean a loss of approximately 39 parking spaces behind the supermarket.


Once Shoprite completes work in the area next to Union Street to improve grade, install utilities, and install new access doors in that wall, 16 new parking spaces will be created to offset some of the loss due to construction.


Once construction is complete and the parking reconfigured at the rear of the supermarket there will be approximately 110 spaces.


We will keep you updated on progress.


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