11/24/2021 - Mayor Dennis Sullivan 2021 Holiday Message

Dear Somerville Community,

The sights and sounds of the holiday season are all around us as another year comes to a close. As we
continue to recover from the lingering effects of the pandemic and the devastation left behind by
Tropical Storm Ida, I hope the next few weeks will return a sense of comfort and normalcy to all.

Family gatherings and visits with friends will replace video calls, as we reconnect with the important
people in our lives. Community events and activities in church or at school will bring us back together
with neighbors whose company we have missed. We will create new memories, while remembering the
sacrifices and struggles that we have shared since the spring of 2020.

As the season unfolds, I ask you to keep in mind the 20 Somerville families who are grieving the loss of
a loved one to Covid-19, as well as those still recovering from the virus. Remember also our neighbors
who are rebuilding their lives and their homes after the flood. If your means allow, please support one
of the many food, clothing, and toy drives being sponsored by reputable organizations in our local area.
Our town may be small, but our collective heart is enormous, and we can all be proud of how
Somerville always comes together in times of need.

On behalf of the Borough staff and valued volunteers, Marge and I wish you and your family all the best
this holiday season. May the new year bring health, happiness and hope to us all. Thank you.

Mayor Dennis Sullivan
Somerville, NJ
November 24, 2021

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