5/25/2020 - Borough Hall has installed walk-up windows and drop boxes

In an effort to continue to provide municipal services while also ensuring the 
safety of patrons and employees,  Borough Hall has installed (2) walk-up windows and drop boxes.

100% of services are available through drop-off, electronic & telephonic
means. We have modified our operations, the public does not need  
to enter the building to receive the same services as it has had in the past.

Please note that there are 2 walk-up windows.  The one to the left of the entrance to Borough Hall is for vital statistic transactions which include birth, marriage and death certificates.

The window to the right of the Borough Hall entrance can be used for tax payments, sewer utility payments, construction office documents, clerk related documents, housing department documents.

The are buttons located at both windows which you can ring for service.

There also continues to be a drop box at the front door where you can drop off documents which do not require immediate action.

Thanks again for your cooperation as we continue to move through our COVID-19 operations modifications.



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