1/13/2011 - West Main Street Redevelopment Meeting


We have redevelopment news we would like to share with you.


As we move forward with the redevelopment of the former Landmark Center, which  includes reconstruction of the supermarket and the construction of the Davenport Street extension plus the new retail/residential elements on Main Street, there are a number of elements we have to address.


It is our objective to keep all in the area appraised of what is planned and how it will affect you in the short term while construction is underway.


With this in mind we have scheduled a meeting for Wednesday January 19th at 7:00 PM in the Freeholders Meeting Room, 3rd, Floor County Administration Building, 20 Grove Street Somerville.


At this meeting we will advise the changes we propose to make to traffic circulation in the area to better accommodate and reduce the impacts of construction.


This will include the Division Street improvements as they are part of the overall circulation plans for the area.

Also we will discuss the changes that will be made to parking lot 4 to accommodate the construction and the operations of the coming supermarket.


We will also discuss our longer term objectives for this area and the impacts this will have on residents, businesses and future development.


We are asking the DSA and BPA to advise their membership of this meeting.


We hope you can join us on the 19th and ask if you can to advise your attendance by January 17th, to in order for us to estimate the number of attendees. 

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