10/6/2019 - Dynamic Compaction Project to begin on October 8, 2019 near the New Jersey Transit Rail Station in Somerville


Final Compaction Notice October 8, 2019


On or about Tuesday October 8th, the developer of the area surrounding the NJT

Railway Station will start a process called Dynamic Compaction of the soils on the

site. This process is used to compact the existing soils below the surface to allow

for the installation of infrastructure and to ensure the construction of buildings is

on a stable and safe base.

This compaction will take place on the west portion of the site that was recently

cleared of brush and other debris and may take up to 8 weeks to complete. It is

expected that impact vibrations will be felt up to a 200-foot radius from the area.

The nearest properties are the NJT Railway Station at 300 to 400 feet distance and

the SOMA apartments at 400 to 500 feet away. Buildings on the east side of

South Bridge Street are approximately the same distance or more distant than the

location of SOMA. Vibrations will be continually monitored throughout the

process. The contractor is required to comply with the Borough and State of New

Jersey noise ordinances.


If I have a question or comment who do I contact?

The Developer – Somerset Development (732) 367-2828, press zero for operator.

The Borough – (908) 369-3241 or

What is Dynamic Compaction?

Dynamic Compaction consists of the introduction of multiple passes of high

energy impacts at the ground surface by repeatedly dropping steel tampers

generally ranging from 6 to 20 tons from drop heights ranging from 30 to 60 feet.

The high energy impact creates a shock wave that densifies the soil at depth and

reduces the void ratio; thus, improving the consistency and overall engineering

properties of the soil mass. In doing so, the need for off-site removal of the

existing soils for replacement with compacted granular fill or the installation of

deep foundations which bypass the loose soils can be eliminated. (Source:

Densification, Inc.)

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