7/23/2019 - Summer Road Construction In Somerville

On The Road Again….

The popular Willie Nelson song is fitting for Somerville’s travelers this summer.  It seems that every road is undergoing some type of construction with detours, heavy equipment and security for the workers. What is happening in Somerville? The answer is complex. Some work is being done to replace worn out water pipes and century old sewers. Other work is scheduled to repair or replace streets that need pavement repairs and replacement.  The end result will be cleaner water, better flowing sewers and smoother pavements.  And, yes, when a utility company digs up a road they’ll replace it with new pavement.  This summer, with all the heat and rain has the added feature of road work, too.  The next time you see one of those construction signs keep in mind that this is all part of the town’s effort to make Somerville’s infrastructure the best it can be. 
So take time to get where you are going and don’t forget to drive safely, stop at all intersections and above all SLOW DOWN.

Gran Brady, Council President

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