3/25/2019 - FREE Tree Give Away! Sunday, April 28th 2-4pm at Culver and High Street Girl Scout Tree Arbor


The state Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Parks and Forestry is making 90,000 free tree seedlings available to residents through the New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign, an ongoing effort of the New Jersey Forest Service, the nonprofit Arbor Day Foundation and other partners.

Residents are eligible to receive bundles of five free seedlings at any distribution site. Proof of residency in the community where seedlings are distributed is not required.  Larger trees may also be dug out by residents from the Girl Scout planted and maintained tree arbor. 

The tree seedling or dig date is Sunday April 28th from 2-4pm at the Girl Scout Arbor, located at the corner of Culver St. and High Street.  To access the arbor, park on Culver Street and go to the fenced area behind the war memorial to meet volunteers.

Some tips to remember:

º Plant seedlings promptly to ensure they take root and thrive.

º Be mindful of the planting site's surroundings by avoiding overhead utility lines and proximity to structures in case of storms and consider the size of the tree when fully grown.

º Moisten roots before planting.

º Dig a hole two to three times larger than the roots when spread apart. Do not plant roots too deep or shallow.

º Add loose soil gently, then add more soil and pack down firmly. Add water to firm the soil if necessary.

º Place wood-chip mulch around the base of the seedling.

º Water the seedling regularly but do not over-water, as this can cause roots to rot.

For additional information about trees, visit the State Forest Service Facebook page here or go to



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