6/23/2018 - 4th of July Fire Works Safety Reminder from the Office of Emergency Management

While the 4th of July is a time to celebrate our freedom it also comes with the danger of using fireworks inappropriately or illegally. Only certain fireworks are legal for use in New Jersey.

An article published last year on cites the following,

Garden State residents can buy, sell and use fireworks such as sparklers and ground-based sparklers, and novelty items, including party poppers and snappers. But lighting up a "Roman candle" could still cost you plenty in ...the Garden State: Illegal of explosive, aerial fireworks are considered a disorderly persons offense and carry a fine of up to $500. Also still on the banned list: Firecrackers, sky rockets and bottle rockets.

Please be safe and only use approved fireworks. Be careful, injuries still occur with sparklers that burn in excess of 2000 degrees. Every year over 11,000 people are injured due to carelessness with fireworks.…/breaking_christie_legalizes_non-explos……

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