12/8/2017 - Winter Weather Snow Emergency Procedures



When it snows, it’s important to plow & salt/sand the streets quickly & completely to make them passable for traffic and easier for police, EMS and the fire department to respond to emergencies. Specific areas that are particularly important are one-way streets, hills, and roads with narrow passage.

The Borough’s Snow Emergency Parking Policy states that it is Illegal for any vehicle to be parked on any Borough road, street or highway when the ground is snow covered. "Snow covered" means any precipitation that accumulates on the streets, roads, or highways, including snow, sleet, hail, ice or freezing rain. If ANY vehicle remains on the street, road or highway in such a circumstance, the Somerville Police may ticket it or have it removed. This policy remains in effect until the roads are sufficiently cleared as determined by the Public Works Manager or his designee.

How to Avoid Problems When Roads Are Snow Covered:

 Move your car into your driveway so it is not on the road

If you do not have a driveway, move your car to one of the Borough parking lots. Parking is free of charge during a snow storm in all Borough operated parking lots

If for ANY reason you cannot move your vehicle, please contact Somerville Police at 908-725-0331

Be Sure to Clear Your Sidewalks

All property owners (including commercial & professional) are reminded they have 12 daylight hours to clear snow from sidewalks once the precipitation has ended.

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