11/1/2017 - Borough Receives Prestigious Complete Streets Excellence Award

On October 24, 2017 the Borough of Somerville  was awarded the prestigious “Complete Streets Excellence

Award” at a ceremony held at Rutgers University by the Complete Streets Taskforce. This taskforce

comprises of the NJ Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration and the

Rutgers Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy.

As part of this ceremony a video showing how the Borough incorporates complete streets into its

planning process. The Borough was one of only six communities to receive this award.

Complete Streets.

In September of 2015 the Borough Council adopted a “Complete Streets” policy. This Policy

addresses the planning, design, construction, operation of new and retrofitted transportation

facilities within the boroughs public rights-of-way, to enable safe access and mobility of all users of

all ages and abilities.

The benefits of a “Complete Streets” policy provides the Borough and municipal agencies a

guideline to both the public sector and private sector development projects.

The additional benefits of a “Complete Streets” policy is many and varied, and includes the full

integration of all modes of travel in the design of streets to increase the capacity and efficiency of

the road network, reduce traffic congestion by improving mobility options. This encompasses

pedestrian and bicycling safety, and transit vehicle travel as an alternative to automobile travel.

Additionally it will reduce negative environmental impacts, provide connections to walking and

bicycle routes, promote healthy living and create a more livable community.


Complete Streets Excellence Award Presentation

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