1/28/2016 - January 28, 2016 Somerville Office of Emergency Management Snow Clean-Up Update


January 28, 2016 

Somerville Office of Emergency Management
 Snow Clean-Up Update


The Somerville Office of Emergency Management on behalf of Mayor Brian Gallagher and Borough Council thank you for your assistance in recovering from this epic storm. 


All municipal lots continue to offer free parking till February 1st and metered parking on streets has been suspended again today.

Snow Removal from Sidewalks:

To all residents and property/business owners that have cleared your sidewalks, THANK YOU!  There still are quite a few properties that have not cleared snow and the Borough has given everyone considerable time due to the depth of the snow. Somerville Borough Ordinance requires that all properties are required to have snow and ice removed from their sidewalks no later than 12 DAYLIGHT HOURS AFTER THE EVENT ENDS. This grace period has expired and your action is required immediately if you have yet to address your property. Failure to comply with this Ordinance can result in fines of up to $1250 per offense and can be enforced daily.


As we hit the normal day/night thaw and freeze there will be a lot of ice.  Please do your best to treat any ice that forms on your outside stairs and sidewalks.  Be extra careful when walking outside at night

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