1/23/2016 - Winter Storm Update Information from Somerville Office of Emergency Management 1/23/16 7:00pm

The snow storm is expected to curtail over the next 5 hours and once it does we expect to see near record snowfall of 24-30 inches within Somerville.  The Office of Emergency Management thanks you for remaining off the streets during the duration of this weather event.   Even though DPW has been plowing, with this epic snow accumulation it is going to be quite some time before the roads are safe for travel.  Our police officers are spending too much time responding to assist stuck vehicles.  The roads are extremely dangerous and at this hour we are hearing of ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks and even snow plows getting stuck around the county so we ask you to continue to stay off the roads. 


As the snow ends and we begin the task off digging out please be careful so as not to overexert yourself.  The snow took 24 hours to fall so take your time and work is 15-20 minute intervals allowing an equal amount of time to rest.  If you have someone you can ask to help you please do so.


Somerville Office of Emergency Management

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