1/22/2016 - Winter Storm Update Information from Somerville Office of Emergency Management 1/22/16 7:00pm

The National Weather Center has revised the forecast for the central New Jersey area as the winter snow storm approaches earlier than last reported.  Snow is expected to begin falling with the next 4-5 hours and continue through the overnight ending in the late afternoon or early evening tomorrow.  Accumulation is now expected to be within the 12-18 inch range.  Of concern is not only the accumulation of snow but the wind and its impact on power service.  Attached is a fact sheet from PSEG.  Please take the time to print it out (in case your power goes out), review it and be prepared to use it in the event that you experience a power outage.  Please contact PSEG at 1-800-436-PSEG or by texting “OUT” to 4PSEG (47734).  Do not call 9-1-1 or the police department to report an outage. 

 PSEG Storm Information

Some questions have surfaced regarding food in refrigerators or freezers in the event of a power outage.  Attached is a fact sheet from the Rutgers Cooperative to guide you in making informed decisions.  Please print it out and keep it with your PSEG info. 

Rutgers Food Safety During Power Outages

Plug in your cell phones to maintain a full charge and if you have back up chargers now is a good time to plug them in as well.



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