9/11/2015 - 2014 Somerset County Regional Center Achievements Report


The Somerset County Regional Center provides a mechanism for a unique
level of cooperation between government and business to foster an environment
of smart planning and cooperative growth utilizing resources unavailable elsewhere.



2014 was a year of value-added for the businesses and residents of the  Somerset County Regional Center communities - Bridgewater Township, Raritan Borough, and Somerville Borough.

In addition to the list of accomplishments and activities that you will discover in the following pages, the Regional Center Partnership and its consultants developed a comprehensive marketing initiative for the three communities and
the County as a whole. “Amazing Things are Happening in the Regional Center,” a toolkit for use by both the public and private sectors, provides a look at the history, the amenities, and the advantages enjoyed by everyone who
works or lives in the Regional Center communities. As we move forward into 2015, the Amazing Things Toolkit will be distributed far and wide to support marketing efforts of realtors, economic development professionals, developers,
and others whose livelihood depends on reaching out and explaining the benefits of living and working in the Somerset County Regional Center.

During the past year the Somerset County Regional Center saw a number of accomplishments that will continue to contribute to positive growth in and around the three communities.

We witnessed major accomplishments by private sector developers, the Department of Transportation, New Jersey Transit, our local medical center, and many of our partners throughout the county. I encourage you to review this report of achievement in 2014 and learn more about the impact that the Somerset County Regional Center has on the businesses and residents that call Bridgewater, Raritan, and Somerville home.


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