6/10/2015 - Attention Somerville Cat Owners- June is Cat License Renewal Month


 All Somerville cat owners MUST get a new or renewed cat license during the month of June. Licenses can be obtained in-person at Somerville Borough Hall, 25 West End Avenue, or through the mail.

A pet license application can be found at (click on “Departments” tab, click on “Clerk/Administrator” and scroll to the bottom of the page).

The license fee is $11.00 for neutered cats or $14.00 for non-neutered cats. A NEW LICENSE will only be issued with proof of rabies vaccination and neuter (if applicable). There will be NO free rabies vaccination clinics in Somerville.

RENEWAL of an existing license will require proof of new rabies vaccination if the current rabies certificate expired during this past licensing year.

If you pay by check or money order, please make payable to “Borough of Somerville”.

NEW PAYMENT OPTION FOR RENEWALS ONLY. You can pay on-line by going to the Somerville website’s home page ( and click the On-Line Cat License Renewals link. The link will be available starting June 1, 2015. Your license and tag will be mailed to your home.

If you renew a cat license after June 30 the late fees are $3.00 in July AND an additional $1.00 for each month thereafter.


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