4/24/2015 - Borough to begin clean-up investigation of Cornell Blvd. Site

In late summer 2014 the Borough entered into an agreement with GeoSyntec Consultants to perform a Preliminary Assessment and a Site Investigation (PA/SI)on the former Color Technology Property located at 60 Cornell Boulevard Somerville.  This property was acquired by the borough through a property tax forfeiture

In 2012 the Borough applied to the NJ DEP for a grant to carry out these activities, it was approved in mid-2014. 

The following is a brief overview of the activities to complete this study,


TASK 1: RECORDS REVIEW  completed September – November 2014

Investigate the operational and ownership history at the Site from 1932 or from the date that the Site was first developed.

Specifically, the following information:

  • Environmental Data, historical Sanborn Maps, and Historic Topographic Maps and review for pertinent information;
  •  Historical aerial photographs at the NJDEP
  • OPRA request to the NJDEP to identify available records associated with the Site.
  • Site Information provided by the Borough;
    • Chain of title and tenant list, as available, or found in the municipal tax offices to identify past ownership and operational history of the Site; and,
  • Publicly available information on the NJDEP websites.

    TASK 2: SITE RECONNAISSANCE AND PERSONNEL INTERVIEWS completed September – November 2014

    To develop and enhance the understanding of the current and previous environmental conditions of the Site, and includes the following:

  • Visit the Site to observe the major Site features and attempt to obtain information regarding the current and past uses of the Site and potential Areas of Concern (AOCs) as defined in the NJDEP PA Guidance.
  • Interview individuals considered knowledgeable about historical practices at the Site.
  • Observe adjacent properties from public roads to evaluate the potential for current or past activities at those properties that may have an effect on the Site.


    TASK 3: PREPARATION OF PA REPORT completed January 2015



    Based on the findings of the P A, perform a SI which will investigate those AOCs identified in the PA which are considered to be potentially contaminated. The SI will be performed in accordance with NJ.A.C. 7:26E-3.3 through 3.12 and the Soil and Groundwater Guidance, and may involve the performance of some or all of the following activities:

    A geophysical survey of the Site;

    A topographical survey of the Site;

    An investigation of Site soils, involving soil borings, and collecting soil samples for laboratory analysis;

    An investigation of Site groundwater, involving the installation of permanent and/or temporary monitoring wells, the determination of the direction of groundwater flow across the Site, and the collection of groundwater samples for laboratory analysis;

    A receptor evaluation of groundwater, if required.


 In addition, to support the performance of the SI activities Geosyntec will prepare a Site-specific health and safety plan (HASP) and Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP).



Document the findings of the SI activities in a Site Investigation Report (SIR) in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:26E. The SIR will include a description of each AOC investigated, and recommendations for remediation or no remediation





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