6/25/2013 - Somerset County Business Continuity Planning Forum- Monday, July 22, 2013 -6:00pm


MONDAY, JULY 22, 2013 – 6:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.


SOMERVILLE, NJ – The Somerset County Regional Center and the Somerset County Engineering Division will present “Business Continuity/Business Recovery – A Disaster Preparedness Forum,” on Monday, July 22, 2013 at 6:00 P.M. in the Freeholders Meeting Room at the County Administration Building, 3rd Floor, 20 Grove Street, Somerville, New Jersey.

 The forum will focus on educating business leaders representing small and medium-sized business on the importance of having a pre-disaster business continuity plan and the steps that should be taken to be better prepared. There is no charge for the session but registration is suggested.

At 6:00 P.M., representatives from the Somerset County Engineering Division will present an update on the 2013 All-Hazard Mitigation Plan, a strategy that identifies projects that can reduce damages from natural hazards. The primary issue to be addressed in Somerset County is natural hazards including flooding, with consideration also given to drought, extreme cold, extreme heat, snow, ice, hail and windstorms.

The Somerset County All-Hazard Mitigation Plan is a Freeholder-directed initiative, prepared in accordance with state and federal standards, that allows the County and its municipalities to be eligible for mitigation funding from FEMA following a natural disaster. The study upon which the plan was developed focused on existing and future buildings, infrastructure, and critical facilities that might be impacted. 

A 7:00 P.M., the Regional Center Business Continuity Planning Forum will feature expert presentations to address disaster preparedness and recovery issues, focusing on what business should know before and after disaster strikes to ensure business continuity.

Specifics to be discussed include: Why should small and medium-sized business plan ahead? What is a disaster business continuity plan? Typical steps in plan preparation and some of the resources and specialists available to assist in plan development.

 Keynote speaker will be Mr. Bernard Jones, Business Continuity Officer for City University of New York and Member of the Board, New Jersey Chapter of Contingency Planners who will explain the how and why of a business continuity plan.

Jhovanny Rodriguez, Vice-President of Synetek Solutions, will share key steps his company took to implement their own business continuity plan (BCP) as well as illustrative examples of how other businesses have prepared and adopted business continuity plans.

Walter Hansen, president of ATON Computing in Somerville, will discuss preparation and recovery of information technology systems.

Members of the public and the business community are encouraged to attend both events on July 22.




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