4/25/2012 - Division Street Reconstruction Update- April 25, 2012


This is to advise the replacement of the roadway and sidewalks on Division
Street will start Friday April 27th and end around May 16th 2012.

This final stage of the project will incorporate a new concrete roadway and
sidewalks and will take between two to three weeks to complete.

This work will be continuous throughout the day and on some days will
restrict entrance to buildings for extended periods as the concrete is poured.

The contractor will do all they can to maintain access to each building, but we
ask you to plan for interruptions during the course of this work.

We have asked the contractor to advise each merchant the day before an
interruption is planned to take place.

Work will commence at Main Street and work southerly toward South Street.
Pedestrian access to Division Street will be maintained; for safety reasons
access may only be from one end of the street at a time.

We ask you to make alternative plans to enter or exit your building should
that be possible, during this phase of the project.

We also ask you to advise your customers of alternative methods of access to
your business.

If you have concerns or special needs please contact the Borough
Administrator at 908-725-2300 extension 1983, or Colin Driver at 908-369-

The timing of this work is dependent on favorable weather. We will do all we
can to reduce the inconvenience to you through this major undertaking and
thank you for your patience.

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