11/3/2011 - East Central Business District Redevelopment Meeting- November 10, 2011 6:00pm

This is to advise there will be a public meeting to start the process of re-examination of the East Central Business District Redevelopment Plan.

This area encompasses approximately the area between Bridge Street, NJT railway tracks east to the intersection of Main Street and Veterans Memorial Drive and includes the properties bordered by Mechanic Street and Park Avenue, map attached.


The Borough wishes to work with all property and business owners in these financially trying times to allow them to realize the most they can from their business, one of the methods the borough can use is the proposed re-examination which can be the best and quickest manner to modify the allowed uses within a Redevelopment area, through amending the Redevelopment Plan based on a re-exam with public input.


The Planning Board has been asked by the Mayor and Council to review the Redevelopment Plan to determine if:

a.      The Plan is still valid

b.      If market conditions require us to amend the plan

c.      A plan is still required for the area


As in the past when a Redevelopment Plan has come for review we engage the public, residents, property and business owners of the area in the process.

We envisage at least three, possibly four meetings extending into the first quarter of 2012.


The first meeting will be held on November the 10th at 6:00 PM in Council Chambers, located in Police Headquarters, 24 south Bridge Street Somerville.


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