2/3/2010 - National Wear Red Day for Women Is Feb. 5

On Friday, Feb. 5, women throughout Somerset County will be wearing red to focus attention on the number-one killer of women and the number-one health threat facing women today: cardiovascular disease.



“Diseases of the heart have the potential to affect all the women in our lives: our mothers and daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, best friends and colleagues,” said Freeholder Patrick Scaglione, county health liaison.



Did you know?

• Nearly 460,000 American women die annually from cardiovascular diseases.

• A woman is 10 times as likely to die from heart disease as from breast cancer.

• Women account for more than 60 percent of stroke deaths annually and at all ages more women than men die from stroke.

• Heart disease and stroke claim more women‘s lives each year than the next five causes of death combined.



Join the American Heart Association’s “Go RED for Women” campaign; wear something red, and become part of the solution.


By doing so you will not only be raising awareness about the leading health threat facing women today; but also taking the time to think about our own hearts, and  deciding to make positive choices and changes in our own lifestyle to maintain a healthy heart.


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