Current Redevelopment Projects

Redevelopment in the Borough of Somerville

The Borough Council and Planning Board have been working to revitalize the Borough for many years.

Starting in 2004 the Mayor and Council committed to developing a strategy for a planned and proactive approach for this objective.

Guiding this were principles that have been the basis of all planning since that time.
They are:

  1. All Redevelopment must offer tangible benefits the Borough
  2. Redevelopment must complement, not compete with the existing retail/commercial/residential structure of the Borough
  3. Redevelopment must contribute to the long-term financial well-being of the Borough and its residents
  4. Redevelopment must be community based, with input from as wide cross section of the community as possible

Somerville is located at the center of New Jersey and its transportation network, and has been called “Downtown Somerset County”. All major transportation routes pass through or near the Borough, NJT and Private buses, NJT’s Raritan Valley line trains, Vehicle traffic use State Routes 28, 202 and 206, National Route 22 forms the northern boundary of the Borough while Interstate 287 parallels Route 22 and Interstate 78 is within 2 miles of the Borough.

As the seat of government for Somerset County, Somerville is home to many county facilities including the Court House and Administrative buildings, the RWJ University Hospital at Somerset.

The Boroughs Main Street is a destination for shopping and dining for any taste.

There are five distinct Redevelopment Areas within the Borough.

  1. The Station and Landfill Redevelopment Area
  2. West Main Street Redevelopment Area
  3. East Central Business District Redevelopment Area
  4. Kirby Avenue Redevelopment Area
  5. Gaston Avenue Redevelopment Area

Each Area’s Redevelopment Plan addresses the characteristics and needs of that specific area. They do not duplicate any of the other area plans, but when taken as a whole they complement the others and create a synergy has made Somerville a model for sustainability and growth within the State of New Jersey.

The Station and Landfill Redevelopment Area

  • The largest Redevelopment Area in the Borough and Region that is development ready.
  • It consists of approximately 140 acres bisected by Route 206, the 30 acre+/-. The portion to the west of route 206 is wetlands and has no development planned. Ultimately, this portion will form part of the Somerset County Raritan River Greenway.
  • The portion to the east of Route 206 is divided into three broad areas, the station (referred to as the Hub), the stream (Green Seam) and wetlands and the Landfill proper which faces Route 206 north.

West Main Street Redevelopment Area

  • This area is bound by West Main Street, South Doughty Avenue, Veterans Memorial Drive, Union Street and Division Street.
  • Recently the Redevelopment Area was amended to include the properties along the North side of West Main Street and is bounded by Davenport Street and North Doughty Avenue.
  • The major portion of this area is currently under devilment and contains a world Class Shoprite supermarket, Chase Bank, 108 luxury apartments and retail store including Starbucks, weight watchers and the only Wolfgang’s Steakhouse outside a major world city.

East Central Business District Redevelopment Area

  • This area is bound by East Main Street, South Bridge Street, Veterans Memorial Drive and in sections the NJT Raritan Valley Line rail tracks.
  • Recently the Redevelopment Area was amended to include the properties along the North side of West Main Street and is bounded by Davenport Street and North Doughty Avenue.
  • There are three active projects in this area a mixed-use retail/commercial/residential project at the corner of East Main Street and Warren Street. A new 117 unit residential building is nearing completion on Veterans Memorial Drive with another 117-unit project to commence in early 2017.

Kirby Avenue Redevelopment Area

  • This area is bound by Kirby Avenue, Fairview Avenue on its northern boundary and the NJT rail tracks to the south.
  • A mix of residential and older industrial uses this area is in the southeast corner of the Borough.

Gaston Avenue: Emergency Services Facility

  • This area consists of North Gaston Avenue between East Cliff Street and Union Avenue (Rt 28); a portion of Union Avenue is included in the area.
  • The Borough plans to build an Emergency Services Facility that will include the Police and Fire Departments, plus the Office of Emergency Management and EMS/Rescue Squad in one central location. For more information, download the presentation from the June 1, 2022 Public Information Meeting.  

Redevelopment Inquiries

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