Tax Assessor

Tax Assessor

The Mission of the Assessor’s Office is to maintain a fair and equitable tax base for the community based on sound assessment practices. Our plan is to treat all property types and owners impartially so as to distribute the tax burden equitably.

The Assessor is responsible for identifying and placing a value on every parcel of land within the confines of the Borough’s borders. 

The Assessor’s office is a quasi-judicial position whose statutory authority is based in the New Jersey Constitution. Although an employee of the municipality, the Assessor works under the direction of the Somerset County Board of Taxation.

Assessment Notification/Appeal

In February of each year, “Assessment Notification Postcards” are mailed to each property owner as outlined in N.J.S.A. 54:4-38.1. The postcard notification lists the current year’s assessment as well as the process and deadline for filing an appeal. Property owners cannot appeal the amount of taxes they pay, but rather the assessment of the property. Tax Appeals must be filed with the Somerset County Board of Taxation.

Somerset County Tax Board

The Somerset County Tax Board retains assessments and tax maps for all 21 municipalities in Somerset County. The tax board is located at 27 Warren St., 4th floor, Somerville (tel: 908-541-5701.)

State of New Jersey Local Property Tax Forms

The Local Property Tax Forms include the following forms:

  • Tax Appeal
  • Veterans Deduction
  • Senior Citizens Deduction (has income limits)
  • Disabled Person Deduction (has income limits)
  • Surviving Spouse/Domestic Partner of a Veteran, Senior Citizen, Disabled Person, etc.
  • 100% Permanently and Totally Disabled Veterans and Surviving spouses
  • Tax Exemption for places of worship, parsonages, cemeteries, hospitals, certain non-profit agencies, and any other entity that may qualify 

Tax Rates & Ratios, 2011-2016

Year Tax Rate Ratio  Date
 2016  3.379 97.47 10/1/2015
 2015  3.334 96.93 10/1/2014
 2014  3.281 98.41 10/1/2013
 2013  3.241 96.99 10/1/2012
 2012  3.135 95.61  10/1/2011 
 2011  2.977 100.00  10/1/2010 

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Contact Information

Brett Trout
Tax Assessor 
(908) 725-2300 ext. 1970     

Effective June 1, 2021
Hours: Fridays, 12:20PM - 2:20pm